Nathans Naturals - Un authorized transaction in my credit card

Bangalore, Karnataka 0 comments

i got message saying that my credit card has been charged USD 190.65 (11,842.20) on 25.10.13. But, I never made any transaction such kind of thing but after enquring from my credit card customer care people they said it has been deducted already and they have take na complaint against that they said they are going initiate a legal procedure to get back that money and it will take some 2 months, i dont know whether it will get back to me or not. Without my knowledge they have used my card i dont know how. So guys i guide all of you to get a new card by blocking the old card. its the best option.



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SCAM- nathans naturals NUVORYN

Johannesburg, Gauteng 0 comments
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SO, 3 of us decided to purchase this product and split it 3 WAYS, , well now we are mad, mad, mad AS ITS A SCAM????? how do people live with themselves? I ORDER ON LINE DAILY, SO THIS IS A FIRST FOR ME, AND TRUST ME, ITS REALLY NOT A GOOD FEELING, MONEY IS MONEY, AND IT DOESNT GROW ON TREES, HOWEVER KARMA!!!! IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU ALL.

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW PEOPLE CAN GO AROUND DOING THIS SO THE WORLD, SURELY THEY cant sleep at night, oh no way they can because they would be LOADED!!!!


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Nathans Naturals - Purchased Detox Colon Cleanse Capsules and Weight loss Berries remedy (buy two get 1 free)

Centurion, Gauteng 0 comments
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I purchased these products through internet on 24 May 2013 and paid R1006-00 x 2 for this.I have not received any feedback that my product (Acai Berries Capsules) Buy two and get One free and the Colon Cleanser (R1006-00) Buy two and and get one free offer have been posted to me or any notification to date regarding the purchase.

This is a lot of money to spend on a purchase and not having satisfaction of receiving this.I believe this is poor service and it should be brought under the attention of the consumers to not fall into the same trap.

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Nathans Naturals - Did not honor money back Guarantee

Tampa, Florida 2 comments
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Ordered the product nuvoryn a guaranteed weight loss product it did not work, and the company does not respond back.I have returned the product and they recieved it back (postage confirmation), but I have not received a refund.

I have emailed and called but they do not respond! They have my $99.99 and do not seem to care that I was displeased with the product. The company is Nathan's and

Please do not purchase their products they are falsely advertizing this product and the money back guarantee.Gosh they will not even reply to your calls or emails.

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Lea, I still have not recieved full refund. They said full money back guarantee, I am not certain what more we can do, they need to have their websight suppended!


like you joanne d, I paid for my pills on the 19th June.I can't contact anyone & can't get a contact address etc.

I've now rang them 8 times & all they say is we are sorry, I paid them $119.90. I've emailed etc, & when I've rang they say they cannot give me an email address.

or even a phone number to nathan's.I would love to know how many more people have be scammed by nathan's natural

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